Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheers to a new year!

What a great way to start 2013. I met up with the lovely Emily to discuss a bespoke headpiece for her big day! I like to keep my work meetings on a friendly level: that way, while we get to know each other a bit, I can better understand each client's preferences, their wedding plans, colour schemes, themes, and get a general feel about the whole occasion. Because you can only make a truly personalized item after getting to know the personality!
This particular headpiece will feature some of Emily's favourites, including some beautiful lace remnants that she had found in her attic! I was so excited with this mysterious material that I immediately started to work on mock-ups. Now that the design is chosen, let the craft work begin!
The final look will be revealed after the wedding, so stay tuned :)

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