Friday, March 15, 2013

Real Brides: Emily

Back in January I met up with Emily to discuss some special headpieces for her and her bridesmaids. Emily told me all about her ideas and even gave me some bits of lace that she would like me to include in the pieces.
And thus began a wonderful creative journey!
Having in mind the 60's-inspired look that Emily was planning for her big day, I started off by reconstructing the scraps of lace, cropping each piece individually and sewing them back together. This up-cycled composition served as working base, to which I added the remaining elements: the rose, also supplied by Emily, ostrich feathers, the veiling, and other romantic and quirky details.

The bridesmaids pieces featured vintage flowers, ostrich feathers, pearls and even the same lace fabric used on Emily's dress. This particular detail completely transformed the pieces, giving them a lovely emotional side: I think they make perfect keepsakes!
I was very happy with the finished work and I was even happier after hearing back from Emily:
'It was a fantastic sunny day and I had so many lovely comments on my headpiece, thank-you so much again.'
This will be one project to remember!


  1. Such a beautiful headpiece for such a beautiful bride x

    1. Thanks Rachel, we're very happy to hear that you like it!