Thursday, March 28, 2013

Read + listen + watch #1

with love from bobbin - read+hear+watch#1

Spring has decided to delay its appearance and left us all dreading a never-ending winter of unforgiving cold. That's why I've chosen to contradict this general gloomy state-of-mind by dedicating our first "suggestions" post to a very "springful" theme: HOPE!

1. Let's start with one of my eternal obsessions: Jane Austen. Persuasion, available in this beautiful hard-cover edition from Penguin (2011), tells us about a woman that dared to love even when all hope was gone. It is not a lightweight romance in which the heroine is solely obsessed with finding a marriage partner: the book makes us contemplate an existence consumed with regret and invites us to witness the transformations which the pursuit of happiness can bring.

2. There are a lot of films that could fit the category of hope, but The Color Purple (1985) occupies a very special place in my imagination. Maybe it is because of the beautiful photography and direction, maybe it is because of the award-winning narrative that tells us the story of a simple woman that finds her true value through the strength of friendship and forgiveness. Whatever the reason, believe me: the heart-lifting ending makes it worth all the drama!

3. My musical choice goes to the folk guitar virtuosity and evocative melodies of Richard Thompson. Regardless of trends and fashion he has carried on making what Rolling Stone magazine described as "spellbinding music for whoever cares to hear it". (Read more: Richard's career fills us with the hope of self-fulfilment based on authenticity rather than popularity, and that's why his work fits perfectly with our theme.

That's it for today. Needless to say I hope you like the suggestions!

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